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Xi’an Kenshun Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Xi'an kenshun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the research and development, production, sales and after-sales service of medical imaging products. The company has a senior medical imaging technology team in China, focusing on the design and development of products, adopting advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control process to ensure the precision and stability of products.

Thecompany'smainproductsareDrlongboneimagesplicingsystem,whichisapplicabletotheupgradingandtransformation of Drfrommultiple manufacturers.Withoutanychangestotheoriginalequipment,longbonefullimagesplicingcanberealized.Theoperationissimpleandconvenient, the image effect after splicing is good, the quality is high, and haswon the support and approvalofthemajorityofusers.Ourcompany adherestothebusinessphilosophyof"achievingcustomers,benefitingemployees,payingattentiontodetailsandcontinuous innovation", and providescustomerswithtechnologicallyleadingproductsandthoughtful after-sales services.